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Lithuania offers human rights recommendations to Iran and El Salvador

Created: 2019.11.08 / Updated: 2019.11.08 13:14
    Lithuania offers human rights recommendations to Iran and El Salvador

    The Permanent Representative of Lithuania Ambassador Andrius Krivas took the floor at the 34th session of the Working Group of Universal Periodic Review, which is being held in Geneva on 4-15 November 2019.

    Lithuania recommended Iran to consider introducing a moratorium on the death penalty, to strengthen the efforts to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and girls and consider ratification of CEDAW Convention and to ensure the right to a fair trial and the rights to freedoms of opinion and expression, of peaceful assembly and association, and of religion and belief by removing restrictions against human rights defenders, lawyers, journalists, members of ethnic and religious minorities.

    Welcoming progress of El Salvador in improving its human rights environment, Lithuania recommended El Salvador to strengthen efforts in combatting and preventing all forms of violence, including sexual and gender based violence, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and torture, to ensure safe environment for human rights defenders, journalists and other civil society actors, to promote a national dialogue with a view to lifting the absolute ban on abortion and to ratify core international human rights instruments.

    The UPR is a human rights mechanism employed since 2008. The UPR assesses the human rights situation in each individual country and provides recommendations for improvements. At the end of each UPR cycle, UN Members produce reports about the implementation of the adopted recommendations and overall progress in the area of human rights. Countries undergo the UPR every five years. Lithuania had its first review in 2011. In 2017, its second-cycle UPR report got adopted.

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