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Information for Nongovernmental Organizations

Created: 2014.11.10 / Updated: 2015.07.29 15:22

The role of civil society organizations

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other civil society organizations are indispensable partners for UN efforts to tackle issues of global importance. An important role of Non-Governmental Organizations is also enshrined in the Resolution 60/251 (2006) establishing the UN Human Rights Council.  

Non-Governmental Organizations in the framework of United Nations have a possibility to contribute to the development of new human rights instruments. Their advocacy can lead to the ratification of new or existing UN agreements, and the valuable contribution of NGOs is seen launching public debates on problematic issues, all of which significantly strengthens the international human rights norms and human rights protection.

Currently 3.536 NGOs have a consultative status in the UN (accreditation), which allows organizations and academic institutions to actively participate in UN activities in providing expert analysis and information, monitoring the implementation of international agreements, informing the public about the importance of human rights issues, organizing side events during UN meetings, taking part in UN meetings and working groups as observers. Information about the granting accreditation status can be found here:

Areas of Cooperation

The goal of our mission is to maintain a transparent and regular dialogue with civil society, and to promote their interaction with the United Nations system.

We welcome ambitious Non-Governmental Organizations whose aim is to shape the agenda of international organizations and to disseminate knowledge about the human rights instruments in the UN format.

We seek to deepen the cooperation with national and international Non-Governmental Organizations and academic institutions which wish to contribute their skills, experience, expertise and recommendations on how to improve the implementation of international obligations or to strengthen the interaction between the UN system and civil society.

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